Hi what do u guys think about my 46 E breasts. Do u think they sag to much and BTW I’m 20.

edit: nice size you have :-) they are fine and not so saggy as you would proabably think :-) thanks for the submission


edit: those are some nice big perky boobs :-) thanks for the submission

I’m 18 yrs old. Never really liked my boobs much because they’re small, but I’ve always thought my nipples were ok… don’t you think?

edit: they don’t look that small? be happy with them, they are, like your nipples, just fine ;-) thanks for submitting!

18 years old! Im a size 34DDD

I dislike my areolas for some reason ._. But i love how nice they look. They’re also big for my small body frame but i dont mind. 

edit: those are some pretty big ones for your age :-) but indeed, they look nice! a friend of mine also disliked her areolas but in my opinion they look fine. big areolas fit on big boobies :-) thanks for submiting!

i’m 21 y.o.

what you think?

edit: thanks for the submission! they look lovely! 

I hope you all like this submission

edit: i like every submission! thank you :)

i’m 18 and a half 

i don’t hate my boobs but i also don’t love them,

i like that they’re perky but i don’t like that they’re so small… i also don’t like that my areolas are bigger for the size boobs i have. 

they aren’t bad though, and guys that i’ve been with seem to like them so whatever :) 

Edit: lovely submission, thank you! They dont look so small to me and your areolas are fine to, in my opinion :-) like you said, no complaints from the guys you slept with :)

i’m 18 and i think my breasts are a little bit down for my age.

Edit: they look just fine :) mine were worser at that age ;-)

I’m 48 yrs old I love my boobs and I love to show them

Edit: thanks for submitting!

I’m 23 with size 34B breasts. I don’t mind my nipples but I’m super self-conscious about my size. I wish they were bigger to make me feel more womanly.

Edit: Got this one trough mail. thanks for the message! Your boobs look perfect and you can certainly feel yourself womanly :)