Hope my friends don’t see this:)

I’m 28 years old. I have 38 DD’s. Most guys like them but I don’t always like them because they are heavy and my back is getting the punishment.

26- 38D I love my boobs! Nothing I would change! 

im 22 years old, and asian so i am very lucky to have 34 D boobs lol,  i love how round and firm thy are, and my dark perky nipples, wish my nipples where a little higher though lol, 

i’m 19

Hope like my boobs

Edit:I like them. Thanks for submitting!

I’ve always had a love/ hate relationship with my boobs, I wish they were perkier but I love how soft they are. Your site has helped me a lot with accepting them, thank you!

Edit: Thanks for the compliment about my tumblr and your lovely submission

I’m 19, 36D is a pain in my back! I love my boobs but sometimes it doesn’t help while running even with a good bra…I love playing volleyball and those are most of the time the reason why i miss a ball :)

Edit: i had a friend with the same size and she was also complaining about the fact that running wasnt very comftable… Your boobs are really sexy with nice nipples. Thanks for the submission

I dont like mine, I think theyre saggy and dont look right…is there any way to make the more perky? Lol

Edit: be happy with the ones you have :-) they re really nice as far as i can see. I bet you got a wondergull cleavage when wearing pushups :) thanks for submitting

Anonymous asked: Is there any way to make boobs more perky?

As far as i know not? Some type of bras will work but thats it, i think :)

27 yrs old - 38DD

I really dont like mine. I wish they were smaller, so then they’d be nice and perky. I hate that my nipples aren’t up where they should be. I developed early - 36D by 6th grade. Maybe that’s why they sag? I dunno…

I do love my nipples tho. Especially since I got them pierced a couple months ago, which I chickened out of doing the first time I was supposed to, cuz I couldnt stand the thought of a complete stranger seeing them and what they would think :\


Thank you for your site. I would like to submit, but do it anonymously and without comment - except maybe that I’m 37 & 36E. It’s just that there’s nothing I can say that won’t sound silly or insecure…so better nothing at all. If you also delete my email afterward, that would be brilliant?

I’ve included two pics, wasn’t sure which one to publish, you please could choose the better option. I really appreciate the space and opportunity for reassurance - everything in my life at the moment is bit crap. So thank you for selfishly giving me the forum to be liked from afar.

Wishing you well,


Edit: thank you very much for the honest submission and text!