i’m 18 and i think my breasts are a little bit down for my age.

Edit: they look just fine :) mine were worser at that age ;-)

I’m 48 yrs old I love my boobs and I love to show them

Edit: thanks for submitting!

I’m 23 with size 34B breasts. I don’t mind my nipples but I’m super self-conscious about my size. I wish they were bigger to make me feel more womanly.

Edit: Got this one trough mail. thanks for the message! Your boobs look perfect and you can certainly feel yourself womanly :)

Hope my friends don’t see this:)

I’m 28 years old. I have 38 DD’s. Most guys like them but I don’t always like them because they are heavy and my back is getting the punishment.

26- 38D I love my boobs! Nothing I would change! 

im 22 years old, and asian so i am very lucky to have 34 D boobs lol,  i love how round and firm thy are, and my dark perky nipples, wish my nipples where a little higher though lol, 

i’m 19

Hope like my boobs

Edit:I like them. Thanks for submitting!

I’ve always had a love/ hate relationship with my boobs, I wish they were perkier but I love how soft they are. Your site has helped me a lot with accepting them, thank you!

Edit: Thanks for the compliment about my tumblr and your lovely submission

I’m 19, 36D is a pain in my back! I love my boobs but sometimes it doesn’t help while running even with a good bra…I love playing volleyball and those are most of the time the reason why i miss a ball :)

Edit: i had a friend with the same size and she was also complaining about the fact that running wasnt very comftable… Your boobs are really sexy with nice nipples. Thanks for the submission

I dont like mine, I think theyre saggy and dont look right…is there any way to make the more perky? Lol

Edit: be happy with the ones you have :-) they re really nice as far as i can see. I bet you got a wondergull cleavage when wearing pushups :) thanks for submitting